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Let's Talk it Out

Dec 11, 2018

The movie City Slickers tried to teach us about the secret to a happy life.  They did not come out and tell us exactly what it was, but I believe that secret has been solved.  

Sep 25, 2018

Knowing how to use our hearts, figuratively, is incredibly important becasue it could have a devastating effect on our body, literally.  We men need some help in this department, and I hope this story can inspire someone to cope more using their heart.   

Sep 14, 2018

Season 2 has started, and I want to invite you to join the adventure of pursuing a life that is happier, healthier, and longer by talking it out not toughing it out.  This season, I will continue to share original short stories that inspire mental and physical health, and will also share stories other stores...

Apr 27, 2018

Support and advice can come from the most unlikely places, and it happened to me when I was going through my divorce.  Hear about my journey as Winston Churchill help guid me from the hell to prosperity.  

Apr 12, 2018

Social scientists have spent years researching human behavior and developing, but I can't promise you 32% growth when you come to therapy.  In this podcast will explain how general numbers can not be translated to your individual experience.