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Let's Talk it Out

Mar 26, 2018

Fulling human desire can be almost impossible if you do not have an understanding of what it is and a plan on how to achieve it.  The begging bowl is a timeless story about how a king gave away everything in order to satisfy his desires.  

Mar 21, 2018

Even though there are hundreds of words describing feelings, I found a song that makes me feel the basic four without using a single word.  Join me on this short journey, and enjoy the adventure.

Mar 12, 2018

Within every relationship we have a choice on how we approach our partner.  Learn more about what an Advocate is and what an Adversary is, and hear how Kendra struggles to improve herself and her relationship.  

Mar 1, 2018

This episode describes three ways Talking it Out can help you on your path of living happier, healthier, and longer.  Enjoy.